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Python Password Generator

Active State adlı sitede gözüme çarpan "Password Generator" scripti.

!/usr/bin/env python

""" A simple script for making random passwords, WITHOUT 1,l,O,0. Because those characters are hard to tell the difference between in some fonts.


#Import Modules
import sys
from random import Random
rng = Random()
righthand = '23456qwertasdfgzxcvbQWERTASDFGZXCVB'
lefthand = '789yuiophjknmYUIPHJKLNM'
allchars = righthand + lefthand
passwordLength = int(sys.argv[1])

user didn't specify a length. that's ok, just use 8

passwordLength = 8 try: alternate_hands = sys.argv[2] == 'alt' if not alternate_hands: print "USAGE:" print sys.argv[0], "[length of password]", print "[alt (if you want the password to alternate hands]" except: alternate_hands = False

for i in range(passwordLength):
if not alternate_hands:
sys.stdout.write( rng.choice(allchars) )
if i%2:
sys.stdout.write( rng.choice(lefthand) )
sys.stdout.write( rng.choice(righthand) )


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