mv-kernel - kernel build tool for microvm

mv-kernel, kernel configuration, build tool for micro virtual machine.

Github repo

1. Quick Start

mv-kernel, fast way to build kernel for micro virtual machine.

1.1. Clone mv-kernel

$ git clone
$ cd mv-kernel

1.2. Build

Download kernel source code, and build kernel.

$ make all

Finally, you can find the kernel image in images directory.

2. All target of Makefile

  • Only download and exract kernel source code.
$ make download
  • Configure kernel.
$ make config
  • Build kernel.
$ make build
  • Download and extract kernel source code, configure kernel, build kernel. Execute all target.(download + config + build)
$ make all
  • Clean kernel source code for reconfigure and rebuild.(soft clean)
$ make clean
  • Clean all build files, kernel directory and kernel images.(hard clean)
$ make clean-all
  • Help
$ make help