Vim Tips: Channel

Vim supported channels for inter-process communication and job channels communicate with other processes. Also, The vim packages contains the demo channel server( You can find script in "$VIMRUNTIME/tools/". "$VIMRUNTIME" path, may change according to your distro:

My path, "/usr/share/vim/vim82/tools/" on Gentoo Linux.

  • First, run the demo server in a terminal.

$ python /usr/share/vim/vim82/tools/
  • And then, run Vim in another terminal.

  • For detailed information, I am quoting from the script:

    # Server that will accept connections from a Vim channel.
    # Run this server and then in Vim you can open the channel:
    #  :let handle = ch_open('localhost:8765')
    # Then Vim can send requests to the server:
    #  :let response = ch_sendexpr(handle, 'hello!')
    # And you can control Vim by typing a JSON message here, e.g.:
    #   ["ex","echo 'hi there'"]
    # There is no prompt, just type a line and press Enter.
    # To exit cleanly type "quit<Enter>".
    # See ":help channel-demo" in Vim.
    # This requires Python 2.6 or later.